Below is a list of the questions we’re asked the most. If you’d like more information, please contact us.

Paul and Sharon Shuster and John Wildmo started building the winery buildings in 1998. The winery opened to the public in August of 2000.

In March 2016, Paul, Sharon, and John sold the winery to Steve and Kristin Twait.

Forestedge Winery is a Federal and State Licensed MN Farm Winery that either grows what we need to make wine or buy the fruit from people that grow for us. The conversion of fruit and juice to wine, the aging, the blending and bottling all happens here.

We don’t use any grapes. All of the wine we produce here is made from fruit other than grape. No grapes at all? No, if our label says Rhubarb Wine that is all that is in the bottle. Rhubarb juice fermented into wine, aged in stainless steel tanks and then bottled. Same with all the other fruit we use.

Although we started out raising most of the fruit we needed to make our wines, today all we raise is lots of Rhubarb depending on our growers for the balance. We use as much as 5 tons of Rhubarb a year and a ton or more of the rest of each of the fruits we need.

Federal law prohibits fruit wineries from dating bottles. Vintage dating is reserved for grape wine.

Forestedge Winery is located in the Northwoods of Minnesota on property originally owned by Paul and Sharon Shuster. It is a beautiful, serene area that is next to the Paul Bunyan State Forest centrally located between Bemidji, Walker, Park Rapids, and Itasca State Park.

Every year we enter a few International Wine Competitions that are open to wineries from all over the world. We have been rather successful in wining awards for our Winery with many gold, silver and bronze medals.

Almost all of the equipment we use was built in Italy.

MN Farm Winery legislation and our State Permit allows us to be open for wine tasting, winery tours and wine sales either on sale or off sale. We have an outside “Patio” area for seasonal enjoyment where one can enjoy a glass or a bottle of our wine.